Henrik J. Henriksen: Bilde av regissør Henrik J. Henriksen

Henrik J. Henriksen

Henrik J. Henriksen is a man of many talents. He is a chef, writer, restaurateur and has vast experience as a filmproducer. His background has given him an unique approach to the world of table top and brings the extra texture, depth and feel into the images.
Henrik has an incredible attention to detail with artistic sensibility and dedication.
Henriks` love of culinary culture always shines through in his work.

Ronald Koetzier: Bilde av regissør Ronald Koetzier

Ronald Koetzier

Ronald Koetzier is regarded as one of the pioneers of high speed motion control in the advertising industry. He is a director/DP with an extremely refined visual style and technique. 
After his study in photography, Ronald Koetzier worked as a cinematographer for the past 25 years on many international award winning commercials. He’s been combining the position as director and cinematographer for the last 15 years, filming in over 30 countries, and specializing in food & tabletop in combination with live action. He has an exclusive style based on strong poetic scenes.

Steve Giralt: Bilde av regissør Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt

Steve is a director, still photographer, and visual engineer with a great passion for creating beautiful and engaging imagery. By merging his unique love for science, technology, and engineering into his artistic process he pushes the limits on what can be captured in camera.

Etienne Proulx: Bilde av regissør Etienne Proulx

Etienne Proulx

Etienne Proulx is internationally regarded as an acclaimed director and cinematographer in the high speed motion control tabletop advertising industry. Over the years, as he travelled around the world to shoot all sorts of commercials first as a liquid stylist and then as a director & dp in different and often difficult environnments, combined with his expertise as master craftman combining great artistry in the film industry, he also designed a tabletop studio to R&D at home in Montreal to always evolve between his projects and travel.

Nick Sawyer: Bilde av regissør Nick Sawyer

Nick Sawyer

Nick Sawyer started his directing career in the 90s in music videos whilst living in the United States; he worked with the likes of Cypress Hill, Gwen McCrea, Alice in Chains, building up a sizable music video catalogue as a director. During this period Nick paralleled his career as a director with of a director of photography, shooting projects for REM, Diana Ross, Anastasia, Simply Red, Radio Head to name but very few.

Terje Boye

Terje Boye

Terje Boye is Flambert’s creative leader and has directed many of our productions. With a degree in animation and a background as a flame artist Terje has a great eye for detail which gives him a huge advantage when it comes to creating tabletop images. Terje has great interest in mechanical technique, he has extensive experience of using mechanics to create that little extra in his images which always give the end product a sublime look. Terje is a hands-on director that loves to be involved with the whole production process from start to finish.