Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt: Bilde av regissør Steve Giralt

Steve is a director, still photographer, and visual engineer with a great passion for creating beautiful and engaging imagery. By merging his unique love for science, technology, and engineering into his artistic process he pushes the limits on what can be captured in camera.

As a visual artist, Steve’s talents are diverse. He works in multiple genres including food, still life, lifestyle, and portraiture. His unique approach to shoot production allows him to successfully and simultaneous capture still and moving imagery for his clients. The combination of this efficient shooting style and his easygoing nature guarantees that his clients walk away with all the content they need from a shoot; and a smile.

Over the last decade Steve has shot thousands of still photography projects for global brands worldwide such as Starbucks, Godiva, Captain Morgan, Budweiser, Timberland, Verizon, Folgers, and PepsiCo.