A high speed recording usually lasts between one to two seconds and in that time a lot of things has to happen. To achieve the best precision and accuracy we custome build triggers for each individual shot. Are you in the need of a wave machine? Maybe a catapult for berries? Or a glitter canon? Everything we build can be controlled through the robots software and launched with exact precision, down to milliseconds, to create your perfect shot.


With three high-speed motion control robots in our arsenal we have the tools as well as the creative minds to pull off beautiful and creative scenes and images.


To create the most spectacular effect shots we use our high speed motion control robot «Bert». With Bert we can create accurate and precise camera movements that can be repeated with extreme precision in different velocities, from time-laps to high speed, perfect for tabletop, sport, and fashion. Bert can also be mounted on 8 meter tracks that are just as fast and precise.


The Bolt Model mover is a smaller version of Bert and can be programmed into the same timeline.